lamp Riva

design P&V team


Riva, slices of luminous style reminiscent of Fortuny

Certain personalities shine, especially in magical places. And certain lamps give out such a dense light that they almost leave a mark in space. An unmistakable personal signature, such as that of Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo in Venice and this RIVA lamp, inspired by his unique style.

It’s an exquisite homage by Venetian designers to a modern-day “genius” whose name is associated with the city he chose as his home for art and life among the effervescent creativity of the Belle Époque.

Here Fortuny’s explorations of light shine out, as do his creations in the field of fashion: wearable “works of art”, according to Marcel Proust, and masterpieces which could distribute light in an intelligent and balanced manner.

This is a lamp for spaces worthy of it - whether domestic or professional - such is its strength of character; made in lightweight fibreglass which recasts in umbrella-like style the soldered aluminium sections of the original version. The lamp was conceived by the Spanish-Venetian stylist, painter, set designer and photographer for theatres and photographic studios, as he experimented with innovative geometries of refraction.



D 68 (26,8'')
H min 34 / max 200
(min 13,4'' / max 78,7'')
Black or white out painted glass fiber. Gold or silver leaf in.
Max 1x150W E27 230V (E26 110V)

Black/white gold/silver