lamp Bol

design Eddy Antonello

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Table and floor lamp in enameled ceramic with crystals. The ancient ceramic tradition of Bassano and advanced German optics technology, are brought together and combined by P&V Light. The shell, made by the craftsmen of the prestigious Bosa workshop, is the result of a special process refined over the centuries by the famous craft industries of this area, using plaster moulds and hand-finishing with unique enamels in a customized range of colour nuances. The highly advanced metacrylate lens produced in Germany and custom-cut by P&V light condenses the rays of light and projects them through the crystals, highlighting the lighting effects. A vessel full of light, energy, environmental awareness: the energy-saving sources help to discover its ecological spirit.

Bol 01
D 40
H 12
Enameled black or white Bosa ceramic. Methacrylate lens. Crystals
LED 1x10W 850lm/3000k 230V