Hearts of crystals, animated by living light.
Each forged by the wisdom of the ages
and the skills of experienced hands.

The magnificent fabrics, the rich skin of these objects, does not obscure,
but instead exalts the complex, delicate workings beneath, which magnify,
regulate and enhance the light beneath the surface. To transform light:
ancient Venetian artists and alchemist in the Land of Bohemia, discovered
a clearer and more transparent material than glass- the crystal.
A unique discovery, and an ideal material for gathering, dispersing
and magnifying rays of light, and scattering them in a thousand directions.
That's what you'll find beating at the heart of P&V Light+Art lamps.
The result of centuries of study and observation, but above all, the manual
dexterity and trained eyes of experts, who, over those centuries attained
heights of unsurpassed elegance, by creating artistic objects
that were admired by everyone.

For P&V Light+Art, even today,
crystals remain their first great love.

By observing crystals, and understanding their composition
and characteristics, P&V Light+Art has uncovered their strengths,
and put these at the service of lighting and everyday practices,
at all times. Whatever wonders are hidden in these crystals,
experience, respect and skilful working have been able
to extract it, and mould it into lines, angles and cusps
that distil its full glory.