The new range of P&V Light+Art lamps
has been created in a different light.
Profoundly Venetian, they animate
the true soul of the city, which allows
itself be captured by a lot, but not
everything. It's a light that is beautiful,
dense and charmingly stratified. 

A shimmering golden glow, but also shade, with darker, arcane and enigmatic shadows.
It is the chiaroscuro of the hidden streets, the cul-de-sacs, in which corridors of ancient
crumbling brickwork, peeling paintwork and tangled curtains of vines guide you to doorways
of marmoreal lacework, and, behind them, the hidden treasures that despise the look
of the everyday, and the merely ordinary. Only such a light, bold yet shy, noble and decadent,
can evoke the restlessness of the famous navigator Corto Maltese, a sailor, pirate, philosopher,
explorer, and hunter of tangible and intangible treasures. And, from this ancient crossroads
on the Silk and Amber Road, light is sent on its pathways across the globe.
The new P&V Light+Art line seeks to illuminate, using contemporary, key tones,
this phantasmagorical, cosmopolitan and precious beauty, which is glorious and hidden.

Playing clever games with light and shadow,
recalling the aristocratic twilight of Venice,
through the sumptuously crafted hand woven
curtains of Kieffer Rubelli.

The collections secret is revealed immediately, at first glance.
Traditions and creativity: the old, illustrious and magnificent fabrics of Venice,
deconstructed and reformed into brand-new stories that contain, in addition
to the well-known pink of Venice, all of the other striking hues and tones of the city.
Rich in the manual handiwork of an old master, yet fresh with contemporary style.
Cotton and natural fibres, worked into layers and developed into either fluid
or geometric lines via the aesthetic research of Paola Navone, they reconstruct
the skies, sunsets and views typical of the natural countryside and urban landscape
of Venice. Warp fibres and stitching reveal the attention to detail and tailoring
that's used to produce these exquisite, fine lampshades, while clever use
of heavy solid areas and gaps - imparting light and shadow - provide rhythm
and tone to the music the light is singing.

These objects tell stories about the city, and
the lights reflected in the salty sea surrounding it.
Just like the old ballads, the lamps too have names
that recall the flavours, scents and sounds of the city.

Arcana, Cush, Hipazia.
Reflecting the universe of Corto Maltese, that have an elusive essence.
Lamps that, albeit indistinctly, allow the past to shed light on the present.
In the lagoon, just the appearance of an opaque, milky fog lamp could
stimulate incredible dreams, even in an era of sweeping change.
And it’s a synthesis of aesthetics and poetry that has inspired
this collection of lamps.