01.12.2015 Stardust LED suspension lamp

A lampshade very essential repairs by the powerful light source. A 30-watt LED lights and enhances the gemstones Swarovski crystal. The light ...

07.02.2015 Coin Lumiére Design, new partnership in Tunisie

Coin Lumiére Design new partnership in Sfax - Tunisie

27.01.2015 Danubius Gastro Bratislava Fair

With our partner Alexia FL we are attending at the Danubius Gastro fair in Bratislava, HORECA pavilion A1 stand 71

27.08.2014 Omri Revesz

New collaboration with designer Omri Revesz

02.04.2014 Catalogue 2014

New catalogue.

24.03.2014 Toledo

Precious Swarovski crystals mounted ring under a translucent..

17.02.2014 Baldessari e Baldessari

New collaboration with the architecture and design studio Baldessari e Baldessari.

05.02.2014 Vertigo

Vertigo: “It make me giddy!”.  Is an important and sumptuous lamp that form a set of great visual power. A presence that cannot pass unnoticed, characterized ...

15.01.2014 GILDA

New entry GILDA, a new family lamps. The romantic, traditional working of hanging chandeliers meets the contemporary style creating fresh, modern combinations. P&V Light allows oneself the flavour of ...

17.06.2013 90's - THE CARNIVAL IS OVER

I remember felling exactly like this by the end of the 90's, a kind of 'what now' feeling. In the meanwhile, I have learn that even on cliff's edge, the style that stands by hopelessness can be a terribly good one.